Club History

The Yester Curling Club

was inaugurated on 15th January 1850 at the Duncanlaw Pond with the Marquis of Tweeddale as Patron and 6 curlers. Every curler had to have a pair of curling stones and a broom. The club resolved to join the Royal Caledonian Curling Club on 23rd December 1850 and it was admitted on 25th July 1855.

In 1891 an estimated cost for laying the pond at Gifford was £74.13s.4d, exclusive of cartage of materials! This was unanimously agreed to although nothing appears to have been done, but thanks were recorded in the minutes of 1909 to the Marquis for providing an artificial pond.

Interest in the game declined, and at the A.G.M. 18th October 1922 “In view of small attendance,” the club was wound up. It was reconstituted 0n 12th September 1933, again with the Marquis of Tweeddale as Patron. This time the pond at Quarryford was used by permission of the Marquis and Mark Morrison (of Quarryford). Unfortunately, on 11th November 1938, it was wound up again due to small attendance.

There was a curling pond on the Bleachfield on the side nearest Yester House, this was recorded in the “Social Life of Gifford” edited by Mr R.A.Hamilton, from where all this information has been obtained.

The club was held in abeyance from 1939 to 1965. By then indoor rinks had become available, so it was no longer dependant on ponds and cold weather. The club was readmitted to the R.C.C.C., but only curled once a year in the East Lothian Bonspiel.

During the winter 1983/84 there were 4 rinks, the games being played at Kelso Ice Rink.


1874 – Caledonian Curling Cup awarded a LOCAL MEDAL to Yester for the member gaining the highest number of points and Mr KERR’S MEDAL to the runner-up

23rd December 1879 – The Marquis presented the SILVER KETTLE to the club for winning the ELCHO CHALLENGE CUP for the 4th time (2 years in succession)

1886 – The Marquis presented the club with a handsome Silver Medal Stand in the name of the Marchioness

1983/84 – ALAN STEWART TROPHY for the Club’s main competition, Les Grieve presented a trophy for pairs

1984 – TOM FORTUNE TROPHY for the Thirds Competition


February 1984 was the first post-war A.G.M., with 14 members present.